The 4Cs: Factors That Determine Value When Selling A Diamond

When selling your diamonds, it can be difficult to understand the value of what you have. One diamond may look much like another, but have vastly different values. Diamond experts value a gem based on the 4Cs, which determine the quality of a diamond and have been created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).



The best diamonds have no color at all. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) measures how much color is in a diamond between the letters D and Z, with D being no color at all and Z having a lot of color contaminating it. Simply put, the closer your diamond is to D, the higher in value it is.

gia diamond grading diamond color
GIA Diamond Grading Diamond Clarity


When diamonds are formed naturally, it is very easy for them to end up with blemishes or inclusions. These flaws can also greatly impact the value of the diamond. The fewer blemishes or inclusions the diamond has, the more valuable the diamond will be. Many of these flaws are so small only a professional diamond grader can see them, but they will nevertheless impact the value of the diamond.

The Clarity Scale has 6 categories and 11 different grades, meaning there is a huge amount of variety possible when looking at the clarity of a diamond.


It may surprise you to learn that how a diamond is cut can also impact its value. It isn't necessarily about shape, but rather sparkle. When a diamond is cut to best reflect the natural sparkle it has, it will be more valuable than a similar diamond with a less flattering cut.

GIA Diamond Grading Diamond Cut
GIA Diamond Grading Diamond Carat Weight

Carat Weight

This one is a bit more obvious. The bigger the diamond is, the more valuable it will be. A carat is about 200 milligrams. Each carat can be divided up into 100 points, so that the weight of the diamond is precisely measured. The more carats the diamond has, the more it is worth.

If you are trying to sell your diamonds, it's important to understand the 4Cs and how a professional diamond buyer uses these qualifiers to determine the value of your diamond. By knowing the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of your diamond, you can begin to understand whether the person buying your diamonds is offering you a good deal or not.

 These aren't things you can do for yourself. You'll need to have an expert diamond grader look at your diamonds before you can get a clear idea of what they are worth. If you have diamonds you want to sell, make sure grading them is part of the process. Fortunately, Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville has several GIA certified diamond buyers who would be happy to take a look at your diamond and give you a free quote in a matter of minutes! Contact us today to set up an appointment.