5 Tips For Selling Your Jewelry

The next time you open up your jewelry box, take a good long look at everything inside it. While your eyes may light up at old favorites and new treasures, chances are there's a whole heap of jewelry you have kept for years but barely worn. These valuables may have failed to kindle excitement in your life, but they may fill the hearts of someone else—and give you the cash for things you do enjoy!

1. Do Your Research

There are a number of jewelry buyers out there who will be happy to purchase your jewelry, but they aren't necessarily going to educate you on the true value of your jewelry the way that Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville will. It's up to you to do your research on the value of your jewelry, in order to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville can help you do that research. We can help explain the value of your jewelry to you, answer your questions, and let you compare pricing with confidence. Don’t forget: we always offer top dollar compared to other jewelry buyers!

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2. Get Your Jewelry Cleaned

While you may not notice the layer of dirt and grime left behind by your natural oils and sometimes time itself, they will still have a subtle but important impact on pricing. Clean jewelry sparkles more, and looks better than jewelry that is not cleaned.

3. Check Your Jewelry Buyer's Reputation

You can't be too careful with your jewelry, even if you're planning to sell it. Look at the reviews of the jewelry buyer, check certification, and ask questions. A knowledgeable jewelry buyer will be happy to answer them, and to show their GIA certifications from trained gemologists. If they don't have either, think twice before entrusting them with your jewelry. As the buying division of Genesis Diamonds, Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville has a sterling reputation for honesty, integrity, and respect for the customer.

GIA Diamond Grading

4. Avoid Gold Stores & Other Quick Buyers

Pawn shops and other similar locations will offer you up front cash for your jewelry but that cash amount is usually a fraction of what the jewelry is actually worth. Never sell to anyone who does not have a GIA certified member on staff who can appraise your jewelry properly, and who will offer you at least close to the value of the jewelry. Remember, Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville offers a free second opinion over the phone, so before you sell to them make sure to give us a call!

5. Trust Your Gut

If something doesn't feel right about a deal, it's fine to take a step back and explore all your options before making a decision. Even if you never wear an item, you may discover you have an emotional attachment to the jewelry and aren't quite ready to give it up yet. If that's the case, or you don't quite like how the jewelry buyer is handling you, give yourself a chance to look at other options.

Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville will be happy to answer your questions if you decide you are ready to get rid of some old, unwanted jewelry. If you're looking for a pressure free appraisal of your jewelry, stop on by to get a quote on what your jewelry is worth.

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