Pawn Shops vs Diamond Buyers

Every woman loves the sparkle of diamonds. Whether it is a sparkling set of diamond studs, a glinting ring, or a pendant, diamond jewelry is truly beautiful. After a divorce or nasty break up, that gift from an ex may not have the same sparkle it once did. If cash in your pocket seems more beautiful than those glittering diamonds, you may be thinking about looking up diamond buyers in Nashville. You'll see a range of diamond selling options, but which one is best? Before you visit the nearest pawn shop, let's take a look at which is better: Pawn Shops or Diamond Buyers.

Pawn Shops

Let's face it, pawn shops can be shady places. Pawn shops are there to make money like any other business, and those diamonds you know are worth thousands may not get the kind of offer you were hoping for.

 Pawn shop employees are not professional jewelers, and they won't be able to value your jewelry properly. You can expect fairly large losses on the value of your diamonds when you sell them, even if you shop around for the best deal.

 Many pawn shops are run by respectable owners who are invested in their business, but some aren't so respectable. If you choose to sell through a pawn shop read the fine print carefully to make sure there are no hidden fees or other charges.

 In some cases, pawn shops can be faster than some diamond buyers and are a good source of quick cash. However, Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville can get you a cash offer within minutes. Since we are professional diamond buyers, we are able to quickly determine the value of your jewelry and make an offer for you to leave with cash. If you’ve already got an offer from a pawn shop, give us a call for a free second opinion before you close the deal!

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Diamond Buyers

Because diamond buyers are in the business of selling quality diamonds, a diamond buyer will be able to better assess the true value of your diamonds. If your diamonds are exceptional, there could be a difference of thousands of dollars in a quote from a pawn shop vs. a quote from a diamond buyer in Nashville.

It could be that the diamond you thought was worthless is actually rare and extremely valuable—or the diamonds you inherited from your grandma aren't even real diamonds at all. At Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville, we will professionally evaluate your diamonds and educate you on their value.

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GIA Certified Diamond Buyers

Just like with pawn shops, however, not all diamond buyers are the same. Look for someone who is certified by either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Certification helps sort the scam artists from the true experts, so you can sell with confidence.

 Certification isn't just a sign that the diamond buyer knows how to appraise your diamonds properly, it's also a sign that they care about their business. At Genesis Diamond Buyers Nashville, our gemologists are GIA certified, which is one of the most prestigious certifications available and confirms our commitment to professionalism.

 A trusted diamond buyer is the smartest choice for selling your diamond, and a sound decision if you're interested in getting the best deal for your jewelry. Contact us for your free appraisal and leave with cash today!

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